Product Information

C-Cat 3

Product Overview
C-Cat 3 has been developed to complement the existing ocean going ASV Global vessels for survey and support tasks where a smaller vessel is better suited to missions. The design incorporates a large payload bay to enable flexibility of payloads used.

The shallow draft and small size of the vessel enables deployment in littoral areas and its modular construction facilitates the fitting of a range of scientific above and below water payloads.

C-Cat-3 includes the core functionality proven in all ASV vessels and systems and thus is a reliable and robust platform for both path planning and autonomy research and scientific experimentation with payloads.
Principal Particulars
Dependent on payload
Lightship 250kg, fully loaded 320kg
Primary propulsion:
2 x DC electric motors driving 3 blade propellers
Operational speed range:
Up to 8 knots
Payload power:
12V or 24V

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